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Desperate woman seeking i need pussy

desperate woman seeking i need pussy

you said, " i love your ___"; i said, "i love you" and things pretty much went downhill as a result of there. we had had so much fun up until that point. i did exactly what i said i just wouldn't do in addition to i let my feelings obtain the best of myself. the way we met, well, it wasn't the way i'd expect to have met someone prefer yourself, who made my life, at that period, seem like this had purpose... you gave me hope. you were my friend & my 'special' lover, and deep within, i wanted to become only yours. my life is no longer crazy like that. actually, its quite normal... boring. the bad thing about all this 'normalness' is that you are no longer all around. what i would give to see you ever again. its been nearly three years; the last period we saw one another was that evening party with my friends.. i was dressed as a sizzling hot police officer, and you, well you were dressed as your usual incredibly hot self! i had no idea that night would be the last time i just saw you. i ruined it.. i should've never said the things i said. i wish we could've taken it back as soon as it came available. i fucked this up. i didn't want to lose you. god i wish i could fix things around us. i miss you soo much sometimes. i wish i could have been just your colleague. i wish i had met you to start with... before you met her & before my life was so insane. we were a great team... for some time. and looking back again, those days spent with you will always toasty my heart & make me smile. desperate woman seeking i need pussy i hope, from the underlying part of my heart that you are truly happy, wherever you are, and that someday we can be friends... but my heart still holds onto pray that someday gruesome love you again. desperate woman seeking i need pussy Achille Oklahoma OK, North Brooksville Florida FL US United States, Didsbury, Owenton, Samtens, Fukang, Monroe North Carolina NC US United States, La Conchita California CA


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  1. Shawnda says:

    Adrianna by Brothers We met tonight and Could not stop thinking concerning you. Wish you should have stayed and talked longer. Tell discreet grannys me the way you met and just what exactly my friends were doing while we tend to were talking within the medical you. Would like to chat more. Your name is really beautiful: ).

  2. Shavonne says:

    girl to the yellow kawaski ninja so i look at bbw sexy women everyday when im at your workplace you ride a yellow ninja i was wondering in order for you to grab a drink some time at falcones so for a few see this be able to write back and we could go from presently t women wants men here. Desperate woman seeking i need pussy 16699 Witikin, Tjiparunggu women for sex Wheeling

  3. Noreen says:

    Evening Online Fun Sup! I'm looking for your female to enjoy the fun chat with! So for everybo divorced parents dy who is bored and nonetheless up reply with Desperate woman seeking i need pussy "night owl" to permit me to know you're genuine! adult friends Mogwagok Woodbridge curst chat Woodbridge phone Hot girl Bournemouth

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